Telescoping Cat Wand (2 Pack) With 8 Interchangeable Toys

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Your cat will love these telescoping wands! And with so many interchangeable toys, your cat is sure to be satisfied.

Take Up Less Space
Thanks to the collapsible nature of the design, the wands can easily be made shorter or longer for easy storage and mobility.

Comfortable Grip
The comfortable foam grip on both wands makes them very ergonomic and easy to hold for hours of playtime with your pet.

So Many Toys!
This pack comes with Eight interchangeable toys! /perfect if you have a picky cat, love variety, or if your cat has a tendency to destroy the toys pretty quickly. You will have plenty to use!


Product Specifications:
Material:10 pieces in one set:

Size:                                          Length
  • Pole                                  38.58"/98CM
  • Green Feather                   7.48"/19CM
  • Blue Feather                      7.87"/20CM
  • Yellow Feather                   6.69"/17CM
  • Pink Feather                       7.87"/20CM
  • Brown Feather                    7.09"/18CM
  •  Tail                                   12.20"/31CM
  • Carrot                                7.87"/20CM