Self Grooming Cat Hair Brushing Pad

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Are you tired of having to brush your cat every day to get rid of their constantly shedding dander? With this Self-Grooming Wall-Mounted Brush, your cat will love doing it themselves!

Remove Cat Dander!
Brushing your cats daily can be a monotonous chore. Now you can let your feline friend brush themselves to keep clean!

Placed For Convenience!
You can choose the most convenient locations for your cat to enjoy this high-quality self-grooming pad. Can be mounted on the corner edge of any walkway, doorway, or piece of furniture where your cat likes to play.

Multiple Color Options
You can choose from either of the Blue or Gray color options available.

Catnip Included!
Enjoy a pack of high-quality catnip to sprinkle on the brush to draw your cat towards the brush.

Product Specifications:
Color: Blue or Gray 
Size: 9cm*13cm
Material: Plastic